Hauling A Large RV During Special Vehicle Towing Service Job
Hauling A Large RV During Special Vehicle Towing Service Job

Heavy-Duty Tow Trucks: The Titans of the Towing World

When it comes to towing, Green Light Towing Service in Virginia Beach, VA, stands apart. We’re more than just a towing company. We symbolize power, precision, and a steadfast commitment to excellence. Our mainstay? A fleet of formidable heavy-duty tow trucks.

Our Heavy-Duty Tow Trucks: A Testament to Our Commitment

Our robust heavy-duty tow trucks are engineered for any challenge. They can tow massive weights of over 25,000 pounds. They utilize advanced hydraulic systems for controlled operations. These trucks are the backbone of our service.

We pride ourselves on versatility. Be it the nimble Integrated Wrecker, the mammoth Rotator Tow Truck, or the Heavy Recovery Vehicle – we’ve got it all.

Design & Structure: Built to Handle Anything

Our service revolves around our clients. We firmly believe that no vehicle should be beyond our reach, regardless of its size or situation.

Our heavy-duty tow trucks demonstrate this commitment. They boast a sturdy structure, a powerful engine, and reinforced towing arms. They can handle anything from buses to semi-trucks, RVs, and construction equipment.

Equipment & Features: Precision in Every Operation

But power isn’t everything. Precision is equally important.

Our heavy-duty tow trucks come equipped with advanced hydraulic systems. This allows for controlled lifting and towing. Our underlift equipment can extend to delicately secure large vehicles, preventing any damage. Additionally, our trucks feature winches with significant pulling power, crucial for recovery operations.

Wide Range of Applications

Our heavy-duty tow trucks are versatile. They assist in accident recovery and off-road recovery. They also serve in commercial vehicle towing.

We understand the importance of safety. As such, our operators undergo meticulous training to handle these powerhouses.

Our Diverse Fleet: The Right Truck for Every Job

Our fleet is diverse, ensuring we have the right truck for every situation.

We have the Integrated Wrecker, ideal for recovering vehicles from tight spots or difficult terrains. The Rotator Tow Truck is capable of pulling vehicles from various positions. Our Heavy-Duty Flatbed Truck can carry heavy machinery, buses, and other large vehicles. The Heavy Recovery Vehicle is designed exclusively for large-scale operations. Lastly, our Under-Reach Heavy Wreckers, with their under-reaching arms, can tow large vehicles without causing any damage.

Call Green Light Towing Service Today For Your Heavy Duty Towing Needs

At Green Light Towing, we’re ready for any challenge. We’re dedicated to serving our valued residents and businesses in Norfolk, Virginia Beach, and Chesapeake. No matter the situation, we’ve got the right truck for the job.

When you think of heavy-duty towing, think Green Light Towing – where power meets precision.

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