Ariel View of Downtown Virginia Beach VA
Ariel View of Downtown Virginia Beach VA

At Green Light Towing Service, we understand the unique challenges and demands of each city and township we serve. Our strategic location at 900 Commonwealth Pl #200-364, Virginia Beach, VA 23464, on the western side of Virginia Beach, positions us perfectly to offer efficient and timely services to our valued customers across various localities.

Here’s a closer look at the areas we serve within Virginia Beach VA:

Virginia Beach, Virginia

Green Light Towing Service is proud to provide towing and roadside services to the vibrant city of Virginia Beach. With its coastal charm and bustling neighborhoods, we’re always ready to assist residents and visitors alike.

During normal business hours, response times are within 30-45 minutes, sometimes sooner or later depending on the time of day, weather, and traffic.

Virginia Beach, being a coastal city, has its own set of challenges. The proximity to the ocean means vehicles can often face issues related to saltwater corrosion, especially if they are frequently parked near the beach. Ocean spray can lead to electrical issues in vehicles, especially in areas closer to the coast.  As a result we do receive a good number of electric calls due to the salt air affecting wiring and batteries near the cost and are always equipped with a portable charger.

Neighborhoods We Service in Virginia Beach

  • Acredale
  • Salem
  • Alexandria
  • Arrowhead
  • Fairfield
  • Aragona Village
  • Northwest
    • Aragona Village
    • Thoroughgood
  • North Central
    • Lynnwood
    • Kings Grant
  • Windsor Woods
  • North Virginia Beach

Green Light Towing also services the nearby Chesapeake area.

Virginia Beach VA Map