3 Signs That Your Car’s Electrical Is Calling For Help
Screen display of car status warning light on dashboard panel symbols which show the fault indicators

3 Signs That Your Car’s Electrical Is Calling For Help

When it comes to electronic issues issues with their car, most drivers can’t easily figure out what’s wrong with their vehicle – and for good reason – they’re damned complicated.

As a driver  it’s acceptable that you don’t know everything about your vehicle. Let’s leave the more technical things to the hands of the mechanics. However, you should still be able to tell when your car is starting to have trouble. Below are some signs that tell you that your car’s electrical system is in need of attention but first let us talk a bit about the car’s electrical system.

Car’s Electrical System

There are three main components of the car’s electrical system. They are the battery, alternator, and starter. When there is a problem in the electrical system, it would most likely involve any of these key parts.

The battery is responsible for giving electrical energy to the starter. Until you start the vehicle, the battery would be the source of electricity for the vehicle. The starter that is initially powered by the battery starts the engine. A small amount of power provided by the battery is needed to start the movement in the engine.

The alternator on the other hand charges the battery as you drive the car. It also keeps the electrical system going. When you turn the key, it signals the battery to give power to the starter, which turns the alternator on and the cycle continues.

Signs Your Car Is Having An Electrical Problem

If you suspect problems in your electrical system, it is important to bring your car to the experts right away. Don’t wait for you to get stuck in the middle of the road just because you ignored the signs. Tell-tale signs include the following:

Slower To Start

When you turn your key to start, you might notice that it could take a while longer before your car starts. Sometimes, it might seem that it isn’t cranking at all. If you only hear grinding or clicking sounds and your car fails to start at once, the problem is mostly due to the electrical system.

The problem here could be a dying battery, a faulty starter or a bad alternator. Sometimes, it could also be your spark plugs. The best way to tackle this problem is to go to a mechanic and have your car diagnosed.

Dimmer Headlights

Notice your headlights while driving. If it looks dimmer than it used to be, then there could be a problem with your alternator or your alternator belt. When the lights are dimmer, it is a sign that the alternator cannot keep the battery charged properly. When that happens, all other components in the car that require electricity won’t function well. It can also drain your car battery.

The Check Battery Light Is Turned On

Cars are equipped with warning mechanisms and one of them is the check battery light that is found on your dashboard. If it is turned on, it doesn’t only mean that there is something wrong with the battery. It could also mean that there is something wrong with the other parts of the electrical system.

It could be the alternator that is not working properly to charge the battery. Another reason could be the wires that are corroded or loose. Lastly, it could simply be the battery that has already gone through its lifespan.

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