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Using Phones At A Gas Station: Is It Really Risky?

How many times have you refueled this week? It’s best to do it regularly than to risk running out of fuel on the road. Have you ever used your phones while at a gas station? Are you still afraid to use your phone while at the gas station? For years, many have been warning people about not using the phone even for a short time at the gas station for fear of getting blown up.

However, we are here to tell you today that you could actually use your mobile phones safely even if you are at gas stations. So don’t be afraid of using your smartphone to pay for your gas the next time you refuel. We’ll explain further below.

The Myth

For quite some time there has been a myth going around about using mobile phones at fuel stations. Lots of people are warning other people against it. The claim is that using mobile phones could ignite the fumes and cause an explosion at the gas station.

The rumor started around the early 2000 or even as early as 1999. There is a rumor that there are incidents of explosions happening because of using phones. However, there isn’t any concrete evidence to support the claims.

Up to now, there are still people who warn against the use of mobile phones at gas stations. However, mobile payments are getting more and more available. If you stick with the fear, then you won’t be able to get the most out of the mobile payment features.

Debunking The Myth

Let us help you be more confident in using your mobile phones to pay for your gas. Let us debunk the myth. A popular show called “Mythbusters” has done experiments to prove that a working mobile phone won’t blow up their made-up gas station. Even if they controlled the environment and exposed the phone to the optimum air-fuel mix, the phone still failed to ignite.

If you are skeptical about TV shows, then you’d also be pleased to know that they are not the only ones who did studies on such myths. Results still show that although theoretically a spark could start from a cell battery and ignite the fuel vapor, there is a very slim chance of it happening. There are precise conditions that should be met. Plus, there aren’t any documented incidents that happened. Scientifically, it shows that using mobile phones while on gas stations is safe.

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