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How To Properly Recover A Stuck Off-Road Car

An off-road vehicle is one powerful machine because it needs to be. It travels through various rugged terrains and it pushes itself to the limits hoping to survive the current situation. Off-road drivers love the thrill of their ride but off-road cars also have their limits.

When something breaks, or when your off-road vehicle gets stuck, you have to call an experienced towing company that can get you out even in that difficult situation. To come out successful in this situation, there are some things that the towing company has to know.

What Keeps A Stuck Vehicle Stuck

To get an off-road vehicle unstuck, you first have to know what is keeping it stuck. What are the things that keep it immobile, why is it so difficult to move? There are a few things that aid in keeping the vehicle stuck such as the following:

1. Weight Of The Vehicle

The heavier the vehicle, the more difficult it is to retrieve. You will need more power if the off-road vehicle that’s stuck is heavy.

2. Substance It Is Stuck On

Check the substance it’s stuck on. Is it made of pure sand or a mixture of other debris? Is there water or mud?

3. Degree Of Being Stuck

How deep is the car to the ground? If it’s buried further down, the more difficult it would be to remove it from a stuck state.

4. Wheels Are Buried

The wheels are commonly checked because it can help get the vehicle unstuck or more stuck if it is used incorrectly.

5. Inclined Vehicle

The car may be inclined as compared to the ground. This is applicable in downhill terrains. The more stuck it is, the more inclined the vehicle will be.

6. Wheels Don’t Have Ground Contact

If the car is inclined, it is possible that the other wheels are not touching the ground. This means the car itself can’t help in being unstuck.

The Power Requirement

Due to the different forces that help keep the vehicle stuck, you’d also need powerful equipment plus tools to free the car. The vehicle that recovers should be much heavier and powerful than the vehicle that is being retrieved.

Additionally, the tools and equipment used must be rated to handle the force that they are to overcome. Usually, a winch, chains, and recovery straps help in the proper recovery of the vehicle.

Experienced towing companies can estimate how much power would be needed for the recovery. Careful assessment of the tools needed should also be done.

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