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The Importance Of Tire Balance

Most people don’t give a thought about their vehicle’s tires.  In fact, some only notice them when they have a flat.

While it may not be the most respected part on your car or truck, tires are important parts of your vehicle and are the only feature which makes contact with the road.  As such it should also be well taken cared of just like any other parts of your vehicle.

As a follow up from our previous post, where we talked about tire pressure , today we’ll be talking about tire balance.

Why Should Tires Be Balanced?

Even with new tires that seem uniform to the eye, there are still variations. This makes them unbalanced. Additionally, if your tires have already been used, the usual wear and tear could also affect the tire balance.

With wheels that are unbalanced, the tires still spin but not as smoothly. This can affect car handling. If it isn’t corrected, your safety could also be compromised.

Tire Balancing Procedure

This procedure is usually done in tire shops. With the presence of modern technology, a computerized spin balance machine is already available. With this, the tire is mounted on the machine and spun at high speeds to mimic highway speeds.

The computer assesses the wheel and marks the areas where weights should be placed to make the wheel balanced. The weights come in the form of thin metal pieces that are attached to the rim. Once these are installed, the tires are tested again.

Signs Of Tires That Are Out-of-Balance

Many drivers can feel like something is different with how their car handles when there is an imbalance. Some of the signs that could indicate out-of-balance tires are as follows:

  • Weird Vibrations – When you feel sudden vibrations in your car, it can be a sign that the tires are not properly balanced. You’d notice this even at moderate speeds then gets worse as you drive at faster speeds then becomes unnoticeable at highway speed.
  • Patchy Flat Areas In The Tire – Inconsistent shapes and sizes of flat areas on your tire is also one sign to look out for. If you don’t remedy the issue, the tire treads could be lost. Similarly, this could also result in a blowout as it also affects the integrity and strength of the sidewalls.
  • Worn Out Suspension – The vibrations produced by unbalanced tires could also affect the suspension system. This could show up as premature wear and damage to the shocks and wheel bearings. Furthermore, this could also affect the responsiveness and handling of your car. If left untreated, it could also cause strange noises from bearings or a loose feeling on your steering.
  • Increase Fuel Consumption – Unbalanced tires can also be the culprit in gas mileage changes. However, you should also make sure that your tires aren’t underinflated because they could also cause this problem.

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