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How To Safely Load And Unload A Car On A Tow Truck

Towing a car may seem a simple task because of the huge and powerful tow trucks that most towing companies will use. However, it can be quite dangerous too. That is especially true if you are not working with a reputable towing company to move your vehicle.

Would you want your vehicle to get damaged in the process of towing it? Would you like to get yourself hurt while your car is loaded, unloaded, or being towed? Of course, you wouldn’t!

Towing another vehicle or another huge object is not for all to do. The safest way is to leave it in the hands of professionals.

Towing professionals are trained to follow safety measures in towing vehicles. But you may wonder, how exactly do they safely load and unload the vehicles. They don’t just use their machines. They are also there to assess scenarios in order to come up with the safest solution to load and unload the vehicles. Here is how they do that:

Understanding Weight Ratings

To safely tow a vehicle, guesswork is never an option. Towing professionals need to know various weight ratings in order to choose which truck to use for your car. They have to make sure that their tow truck is capable of carrying and transporting your vehicle. Here’s what they have to know:

  • Gross Vehicle Weight Rating – This is the weight limit of the entire vehicle. It includes the weight of the vehicle to be towed, cargo, passenger, and other accessories
  • Gross Combination Weight Rating – This is the maximum weight of the tow truck plus equipment, passengers, fuel, the trailer, and anything it is carrying.
  • Tow Truck Towing Capacity – This is the total weight that the tow truck can pull.
  • Gross Axle Weight Rating – This tells the weight that one axle is capable of holding safely.
  • Tongue Weight – This is the weight of the trailer that is supported by the trailer’s hitch. It should only be about 10% of the total trailer weight. If it is more, then the tow truck will have difficulty in steering.

Flatbed Preparation

Towing professionals don’t just place the car on the flatbed. They are first inspected to check for any damage or corrosion. This prevents damage to the car to be loaded.

Additionally, the tire pressure of the flatbed trailer and the attachment of the flatbed trailer to the truck are also checked. The deck should be leveled and the lock pins and straps are also prepared.

Proper Loading Of Vehicle

When loading the vehicle, towing professionals will ask everyone to clear the scene. Although you want to watch how it is loaded, do it from a safe distance. If something wrong happens, you do not want to get in the way of your vehicle.

The front-to-rear load distribution is carefully considered when positioning the car on the flatbed. It isn’t enough that the car is simply sitting on it. The weight should be about 60% in front of the axle. Sometimes, as weight distribution is inspected, there might be a need to adjust the wheels or axles.

The heaviest parts should be above the axles. Then the load is secured in place. Before it is towed, the towing professionals have to confirm that the gross vehicle weight that the hitch and trailer tongue can handle doesn’t exceed the weight of the car plus the trailer.

Proper Unloading Of The Vehicle

Similar to the loading of the vehicle, the area must be cleared. Unloading can be as dangerous as loading the vehicle. All available machinery will be used to help safely unload the vehicle. In case the car is already totaled, a crane usually helps unload the vehicle properly.

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