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Guide To Selling Your Car To The Junkyard

Have you ever tried selling a car at the junkyard? Those who have will know that it can be a stressful experience. That may be one of the reasons why some people just don’t bother and simply leave their junk car to rot on their property.

However stressful and challenging it may seem to sell your car to the junkyard for the first time, it is something you have to do to get rid of that trash on your property. It may even earn you some cash.

Don’t let the fear of not knowing what to do and how to do things prevent you from selling your unused car in the junkyard. We are here to help you through the process by providing you this guide to selling your car to the junkyard.

Find The Title Of Your Vehicle

Selling a car to any buyer, that includes a junkyard, would require the title of the vehicle. In case the title is lost, you should go and have it replaced first.

The state’s DMV or BMV can provide you with a copy through the mail. You just have to follow their instructions and provide the necessary requirements that they ask. Also, there could be a small fee that you need to pay for them to give you another copy of the title.

Usually, for junk cars, the junkyards will only require a clean title for them to buy your vehicle. Since the vehicle can’t be used on the road anymore, there are no inspections that it has to go through, unlike the cars that are still registered for road use.

Know Your Junkyard Options

If you’ve decided to sell your car to the junkyard, one of the things that you should do is to call multiple junkyards. Let them know of your intention to sell your car and provide them with the information they need.

Usually, this would include the car’s make and model plus the year it was made and the damage it has. Those are the basis for the offer they would give you. Sometimes, towing service providers could also help you find a junkyard where you can sell your vehicle. You can always inquire there too.

Now that you’ve contacted them, you should now compare the offers and select the best for you. Junk cars will be towed for safety and legal reasons.

Prepare The Car

If you’ve previously used the car, then you should make sure you don’t have any personal belongings in it. Whatever is left in the vehicle wouldn’t be returned when you take it to the junkyard. If your junk car has additional cameras or a GPS unit, make sure to remove them first.

Finalize The Sale

Once your car has been towed to the junkyard, you can finalize the sale. They would first inspect it. Some junkyards who offer to tow your vehicle for you, they might decide to inspect your vehicle before they tow it.

If there aren’t any issues, the junkyard will usually pay you immediately. You should turn over the title to the junkyard. With that, the car is officially owned by the junkyard.

As for your license plates, you can keep them. They can usually be re-registered to a new vehicle. On the contrary, if you are not going to re-register them, then you need to turn them over to the motor vehicle agency of your state.

Report The Sale

Many states will require you to report whenever you sell your vehicle. For many of them, a deadline is present. To make sure about this you can inquire in your state’s motor vehicle agency for clarification and confirmation about their protocols when it comes to selling junk cars.

The best thing to do is to do this as soon as you can so that you don’t end up not meeting the deadline. Apart from legalities, reporting the sale of your vehicle also helps provide protection from liability. In case the car gets resold, you won’t be liable if it gets involved in an accident.

Private Car Sale Option

Although you can sell your car to the junkyard for a quick sale, there is another option. That is to have a private sale. There are other requirements for this. Depending on your state, some may be required to transfer the registration and to have inspections. However, there is still a great chance to find a willing buyer especially if your vehicle is something that’s sought after.

Most of those who buy junk cars are simply enthusiasts that are looking for parts for specific car models. Sometimes, it will take time to find the right buyer who is interested in the specific vehicle you are trying to sell.

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