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Semi-trucks Need Roadside Assistance Too

Semi-trucks travel at any time of day.  They are an important part of the logistics system and shouldn’t be delayed. Due to their massive sizes and heavy load, they can be a lot challenging to maneuver and control especially if something is wrong with them. Proper inspection and maintenance is needed to make sure they run properly.

However, there are also times when they unexpectedly breakdown in the middle of the road. This unwanted breakdown isn’t good for the driver at all because the delivery might have a deadline. Unwanted delays such as these should be immediately dealt with, even at night. That’s why semi-trucks also need a reliable 24-hour roadside assistance service provider.

Common Reasons Why Semi-Trucks Breakdown

As we’ve said even huge semi-trucks can also break down at times. But what causes them to stall and suddenly breakdown? Here are the most common issues that can cause a semi-truck to breakdown:

Brake Problems

Many of those who experience their semi-trucks breakdown on the road are due to brake issues. As a huge vehicle, the brakes of semi-trucks should always be checked and observed closely. It is very dangerous when semi-trucks can’t brake or have difficulty in doing so. That huge size and heavyweight can cause not only injuries but also fatalities.

The reason why the brakes of semi trucks are more vulnerable as compared to smaller cars is that they are more prone to come in contact with friction, moisture, oil, and pressure. These things can degrade the brakes more rapidly. Regular inspection and maintenance should always be done on brakes especially if the trucks are driven during harsh conditions.

Tire Problems

Another common problem that occurs with semi-trucks involves their tires. Due to the weight of the trucks and their load, there is also a tremendous amount of pressure on the tires. This is a reason why tire blowouts are more common for huge vehicles like trucks rather than smaller sedans.

Although the wheels of semi trucks are meant to be more durable, they can still degrade due to use. The pressure of the tires should always be checked and be properly maintained. The usual cause of tire problems is because the tires are underinflated. There are also some signs to watch out for like worn-out tire treads. Don’t wait for the tires to blow out, replace or repair them as needed.

Problems With Cooling

Problems that affect the cooling system are usually due to broken connections. With a more complex cooling system, you can expect more connections and those connections also have a risk of leaking. So the more connections, the more chance of leaking especially if they are not properly checked and maintained. When there are leaks, the coolant will not be enough. This would cause mechanical issues and can lead to problems.

Electrical Issues

With large trucks, you can also expect that they have more electronic components. When electrical issues happen, there can be truck failure even if the engine is fine. Such issues could involve the batteries, starter motors or alternators.

During wintertime, the trucks are more prone to have a dead battery. Huge trucks would require more power to heat up during the winter so it is best to check the batteries, especially at those times. The truck batteries also have a lifespan of about 3-5 years depending on use. If they are always used in extreme heat or cold, their lifespan can decrease considerably.

Apart from dead batteries, other electrical issues could also be due to the battery connections themselves. If the connections are corroded or are not properly attached, then you can expect electrical problems.

Reducing Roadside Assistance Cost

The cost of roadside maintenance can be a bit higher when you call for their service in the dead of night. However, that doesn’t mean that you should just travel during the day to save on cost. Truckers need to take advantage of the night as well especially if there are multiple drivers assigned for each truck.

What you can do to reduce the cost of roadside assistance is to prevent your truck from breaking down. To do that, you should make sure your trucks have a preventive maintenance program that they follow. This will help make sure that the trucks are always in good condition. It also helps you figure out any potential problem before it gets worse.

Another thing you can do is to do pre-trip inspections. The truck drivers must know how to inspect their trucks properly so that they can find any potential problem before they leave for the road.

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