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Tips On Driving In Wet Weather

What’s worse than having car trouble at night? That’s to have car trouble at night while it’s raining. There are 24-hour roadside assistance service providers whom you can call but they can also take a little while longer simply because of the severe weather conditions.

Just like you would feel, they can also feel more challenged when driving at night in the rain. If it’s really not that important, it would be best to let the rain pass first then go out when the weather is better. If you really have to drive at night, you should at least prepare yourself.

Here are some tips you should remember while driving in wet weather:

Make Sure Your Car Is Properly Conditioned

Driving in wet weather conditions is already challenging. Don’t make it worse by using a car with problems. Before you leave, make sure that your car is properly conditioned and equipped to go through the trip.

To do this, you need to check if your brakes work and are quick to respond. Also, check your tires and make sure that the treads it has can handle the wet and slippery road. You should also check the pressure of the tires to avoid aquaplaning. If you want to know more about tire pressure, we have an extensive discussion about that in our previous post.

Even with rain outside, you should still make sure that your windshield is clean and clear. Rain can already negatively affect visibility and you shouldn’t worsen that by using a car with a dirty windshield.

Avoid Speeding

Wherever you’re going at night while its raining should have been pretty important for you to drive in that condition. However, that doesn’t mean that you should rush going to it. The road is slippery, that is why you have to be mindful of the turns and curves on the road. You should learn to control your vehicle and don’t suddenly use the brakes or steer in different directions.

Use Your Lights

Your headlights should be turned on not only for you to see where you’re going but also for others to easily see you while on the road. Even if it is still day time, you should turn them on for better visibility.

Keep Your Distance

Make sure that you keep your distance between the car in front of you. This will help prevent you from colliding with them in case they suddenly hit the brakes. In dry conditions, the brakes can easily stop the vehicles but during the wet season, it takes a while longer for it to completely stop the car due to the slippery road.

Keep Calm

There is a risk of aquaplaning when driving during the rain. The best thing to do here is to keep calm and don’t panic. This will help you think and determine what is best to do in such situations.

You must not hit the brakes with all your might because there is a chance for you to skid down the road. The best thing to do is to slow down your car gradually by releasing the accelerator until you feel balanced. If you think you need to brake, you should do it gently and lightly.

Find A Reputable 24-Hour Roadside Assistance Company

When you’ve done all you can but still was unfortunate to have your car break down on the road, you should be prepared to call someone for help. Before you even go out to drive, you should already have their contact so in case something bad happens you can easily call them out for help.

It may take a long while for them to get to you because of the bad weather and because it is already night time. The best thing you can do in this situation is to wait for them inside your locked vehicle. Don’t risk going out in the rain because it can also be more dangerous especially when there are also other vehicles passing by.

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