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When And Why Should You Use A Flatbed Towtruck

Different towing companies offer various services to help you out in case your car is in trouble. If your car can’t be fixed while on the side of the road, there is a need to tow it to another location.

Similarly, there are also a variety of towing services offered.

The difference lies in the type of tow truck used for the service.

It may seem that all towing services are the same its basically taking a vehicle and towing it from one location to another.

However, one towing service may not be suitable for another.

Why Use A Flatbed?

Flatbed towing is one of the most preferred methods of towing a car because of its benefits such as the following:

  • Less Damage – When a flatbed tow truck is used to transport a vehicle, you can expect that it is less likely to get damaged as compared to using other types of tow trucks. This is because the car is tightly secured on the flatbed so it is won’t go anywhere. The tires won’t be worn out through the trip because they will not be touching the road or be dragged through the road. Also, because it is raised above the ground, any stones that might fly off the road is less likely to hit the vehicle.
  • Safer For All Road Users – Other tow trucks are also safe to use on the road but using a flatbed tow truck is much safer. This is because if other tow trucks get hit, the vehicle they tow can easily get dislodged on the road and cause a bigger accident. Also, the vehicle being towed on a flatbed doesn’t have the potential to sway behind the tow truck. The swaying of the vehicle being towed could lead other drivers to hit it accidentally.
  • Best Suited For Car’s Condition – There are certain cases when a car cannot be towed by any other tow truck other than the one with a flatbed. This is the case when the axel of the car is broken or if the wheels can’t spin and be dragged on the road. Also, if the car to be towed is a total wreck, it would be best to place it on a flatbed than to drag it on the road where some parts could fall off.
  • Easy To Use – It is easy for tow truck operators to use the flatbed because all they need to do is to drive the car into it. If the car to be towed can’t drive into the flatbed, the flatbed can be lowered towards the road to make it easier to move the vehicle. Usually, the vehicle will be hooked up and pulled towards the flatbed.

When To Use Flatbed Tow Trucks

As we’ve said earlier, many customers prefer to have their car towed on a flatbed rather than any other kind of tow truck. Clients have their own reasons for selecting tow trucks but there are certain situations when there is a need for a flatbed. Such situations include the following:

  • Heavy And Low Vehicles – Different tow trucks also mean they have different weight restrictions. With dollies, there is a lower weight restriction so they cannot tow bigger vehicles like trucks or SUVs. If the vehicle is heavy, it is best to inform the towing company beforehand so that they can bring the flatbed tow truck.  Moreover, cars that ride low should also be placed in a flatbed towtruck rather tan a dolly. This will lessen the chance of the car getting more damaged in case you go over a bump on the road. Usually, the bumpers, exhaust pipes, and the body may be damaged when low riding vehicles are used with a tow dolly instead of a flatbed.
  • All-Wheel Transmission – It is also very important to note the transmission of the vehicle to be towed. Dolly towtrucks are only suitable for those that have a front-wheel transmission. Some may even use it for those with a rear-wheel transmission with a few adjustments. However, if the car has an all-wheel transmission, it would be best to use a flatbed towtruck to prevent transmission damage.
  • Long Distance Towing – When you are to tow a car for long distances, a flatbed tow truck is also recommended. It is because you wouldn’t want to drag your car on the road for a very long distance. That can damage not only the tires but the other parts of the car as well.
  • Accident Removal – Cars that are involved in an accident may have extensive damage. That could mean that the car can no longer turn its wheels. It is also possible that the wheels are misaligned. Trying to hook it up in a dolly system may further damage your car and could also cause an accident on the road.
  • Vintage / Collectible Car Transportation – Car collectors or even those who just want to get the best towing service for their cars would prefer flatbed towing. They know that their cars are better protected and less likely to get damaged while on the road if it is on a flatbed rather than being dragged on the road.

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