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Flatbed Vs Wheel Lift Tow Truck: What’s The Difference?

Nobody ever plans on having a flat tire, or getting into an accident, but such is life. Even if you drive carefully, accidents still happen and our cars and trucks tend to breakdown at the most unexpected times.

In cases like these, a tow truck can come to the rescue. They can tow the car to the repair shop of your choice.   Choosing a good towing company to transport your vehicle protect yourself and your vehicle.

While selecting an experienced towing service is important, you may want to give some thought about the type of truck you’d prefer to tow your vehicle.  While we always use the best vehicle for the job at hand, it always pays as a customer to be knowledgeable of your options, and today we’re going to talk about differences between two of the most popular tow truck configurations:

Wheel Lift and Flatbed.

Wheel Lift Tow Truck

A popular kind of tow truck that is currently available in various tow truck companies is the wheel lift tow truck. These have hydraulic booms with a crossbar at both ends. To use this, the crossbars are positioned either at the rear or front of the wheels.

Whit the crossbars in place, the car is slightly lifted so that only two wheels are touching the road. The choice between lifting the front or rear wheels depends on the transmission of the vehicle.

Two-wheel drive cars are usually towed in this manner especially when it only needs to be towed for a short distance. It’s a suitable towing truck to use when the car to be towed is parked in a tight or narrow road. For most towing companies, using this kind of tow truck will cost cheaper.

Flatbed Tow Truck

Another popular choice is a flatbed tow truck. With this tow truck, a slanted platform that can be moved to reach the ground is used. This makes it possible for the car drives into the platform. In case the car can’t be driven, a winch system can be used.

Once the car is already on the platform, it will be secured in place with chains and straps. This method is preferred for long-distance hauling and for cars that are four-wheel-drives. Damaged vehicles are also better towed with this kind of tow truck.

Many choose this tow truck because the car is less likely to receive further damage during the towing process. All four wheels don’t touch the road so the transmission won’t be affected. The only drawback is that flatbed tow trucks are more difficult to use when the car to be towed is in a tight space.

Differentiating The Tow Trucks

The main difference between the two is the security provided for the vehicle. Flatbed tow trucks are safer than wheel lift tow trucks. The need to readjust the cars due to the effects of towing is less likely for flatbed tow trucks than wheel lift tow trucks.

Apart from that, there is also a difference in the size of the tow trucks. Flatbed tow trucks are bigger that’s why for narrower roads and tighter spaces, a wheel lift tow truck would be preferred.

Now that you know what a Flatbed Tow Truck is, here’s why Flatbeds are a great option for your next towing service call…

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