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The Case For A Towing Service For Motorcycles

Whether you realize or not a solid roadside assistance service in your area is absolutely critical in keeping the road running smoothly and, for the driver in trouble, it can be a life-saver.
As a motorcyclist, having a contact number to call in case anything happens to you while on the road can be a lifesaver. Knowing that someone would be there for you to help out, even if you are paying them, makes a great difference.

Roadside assistance for motorcycles gives you peace of mind and additional security while traveling. However, there are some instances that roadside assistance may not be enough. When your motorcycle suddenly breaks down in the middle of the road, you may need to have it towed.

Towing Services For Motorcycles

Not all car towing service providers also offer professional towing services for motorcycles. It is important to find one that has tow trucks suitable for your needs.  Make sure to have their contact number with you whenever you go out for a ride. That will help you immediately be able to call for help the moment you need help. The faster you call for help, the faster they’ll also get to you.

The towing services for motorcycles come in handy in different situations. Sometimes, parents take their kids for a ride and when things don’t go on their way, it can be a whole lot scarier because you are also thinking about your child’s well being. This risky situation can be immediately turned around by calling a towing service for your motorcycle.

The Proper Way To Tow A Motorcycle

Even if you need your motorcycle towed right away, it is still important that you have it done the proper way. This prevents further damage to your motorcycle. In order to properly tow your motorcycle, you should have the right equipment for it. Most towing companies would use wheel lift towing, towing cradles or a flatbed.

Wheel Lift Towing – With this kind of equipment, both the wheels are lifted off the ground. With this, the motorcycle is moved to the ramp where it is secured in place.

Towing Cradles – Towing cradles are also called motorcycle trailer hitches. With this, the front wheel of the motorcycle is secured in the cradle while the back wheel stays on the ground.

Flatbed Towing – Flatbed towing is not only popular for cars, but it is also popular for motorcycles too. The flatbed will carry the whole motorcycle and it will be secured in place with the towing straps. This has more room than the wheel lift towing and is the best choice for motorcycles that are already non-operational. However, many still choose to use this for their working motorcycle because of the security and safety it provides.

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