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Wheel lift towing a trailer on the highway

Tow Trucks Required For Any Towing Business

For your business to succeed, you should make sure you have the right tools for the job. Let’s say you received a call about an off-road car stuck on the road. You need to make sure you have the right tools and the right type of tools for the job.

In the towing business, the most important tool to purchase is a tow truck. There are different types of tow trucks in the market today and choosing which to buy can help you succeed in your business. Let’s take a closer look at the types of tow trucks currently available in the market.

Types Of Tow Trucks

A tow truck is a type of vehicle that specializes in the recovery or moving of various types of vehicles, whether they are disabled, impounded, indisposed of or improperly parked. Although the main use of tow trucks is to move vehicles, there are a few approaches on how to do that. This is where tow truck types come in. There are 4 different types of tow trucks and they are as follows:

  • Flatbed Tow Truck
  • Hook and Chain Tow Truck
  • Wheel-Lift Tow Truck
  • Integrated Tow Truck

Flatbed Tow Truck

One of the most popular types of tow trucks today is the flatbed tow truck. As the name implies, it is a tow truck that has a long and empty bed. The flatbed is used to hold the vehicle so that it doesn’t touch the road.

You don’t have to lift the vehicle and placed it on the flatbed. All you have to do is roll it up. The flatbed can be inclined through the use of hydraulics. This provides access to the vehicles to be transported. In some cases, a ramp can be used to assist the vehicles into the flatbed.

Once cars are already in the flatbed, they are secured in place so that they won’t move or slide as it is being towed. Flatbed tow trucks are not only used to tow vehicles on the road. It can also be used to transport large items like boats or even aircraft parts.

Although flatbed tow trucks are most preferred because vehicles are less likely to get damaged with it while on the road, it may not be applicable in all situations. Due to the sheer size of the flatbed tow truck, it may not be able to fit smaller roads or those that have lots of tight curves.

Hook and Chain Tow Truck

One of the most primitive types of tow truck, the hook and chain tow trucks are not usually used for vehicles today. They are more reserved for towing cargo because of the amount of pressure that they impart in towed vehicles.

Due to the increased risk of damaging vehicles while in use, it is advised to use such trucks only when the car is wrecked and is on it’s way to the junkyard. Additional damage received by those cars won’t matter so it is the only time when it can be used.

Wheel Lift Tow Truck

The wheel lift tow truck is another tow truck that is commonly used today. It is quite similar to hook and chain tow trucks but is much less damaging. Instead of using chains and hooks, a metal yoke is used on the rear or front wheels to tow it.

It is attached securely and either the front part or the back part of the car is lifted when it is towed. They may not be as safe as flatbed tow trucks but they are still used because they are more affordable and are still good enough to get the job done.

This is smaller in size than a flatbed tow truck, which is why it is chosen when the car to be towed is on a smaller road or if access to the car is limited. Some towing companies only have wheel lift tow trucks while others have various types so they can select the best one to use.

Integrated Tow Trucks

This kind of tow truck is a specialized truck that may be selected for more difficult towing scenarios. It is essentially a combination of two systems fitted in one unit. It has arms that can moves in a better way, making it easier to extract vehicles from sides of roads or from ditches.

New Or Used Trucks

The market offers tow trucks, both brand new and used. Some prefer to get used tow trucks because they are more affordable. However, before making up your mind to get used trucks, know that not all used trucks are a great buy. You have to know what you are buying and you also have to have the skills to determine whether a truck is still valuable or not.

If you can’t personally tell whether a used truck is worth buying, you can always consult with professionals. They can help tell you whether the used truck can still work to your advantage or if it will just be a waste of money because of all the repairs it needs.

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