Car Troubles During The Pandemic
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Car Troubles During The Pandemic

The COVID-19 pandemic has affected all of us. It has changed the way we live our lives. With the threat of the virus, we are all requested to stay in our homes as much as possible and refrain from going out unless we really need to. Since then, lockdowns and quarantines have been implemented.

Availability Of Roadside Assistance

However, the movement of cars on the road still continues. There may be a decrease in the number of vehicles on the road, but there are still people who need to go out. We must also remember that not all people can work at home. Also, there are those who go out of their homes to get their essential needs such as those from groceries, pharmacies, general stores, or even the hospital.

With people still using their cars, there is still a risk of having broken down cars on the road, which are in need of roadside assistance. If your one of them, don’t need to worry about breaking down on the road because many car towing and roadside assistance companies still operate during the pandemic. They understand that there is still a need for their services and are willing enough to provide them with precaution, of course.

Calling For Roadside Assistance

If something happens and your car breaks down, you can certainly call a towing and roadside assistance company. They will still come to your aid but will likely observe proper precautions. Even if you are not infected, it is always essential to keep your distance because you can never tell who is infected just by looking at them.

If there is a need to tow the vehicle, then you should sit as far away as you can from the driver. Some may even have barriers between seats to make clients feel a lot safer when riding with the driver. Also, make sure you don’t touch the interior of the vehicle and your face. They may also have hand sanitizers that you can ask to use or better yet, you should always have your own. With precautions taken, roadside assistance service can still be conducted safely.

If you need a solid Roadside Assistance Service during the Coronavirus pandemic, don’t hesitate to call Green Light Towing.  We will take all necessary precautions to make sure our customers and staff are safe…

Green Light Towing Service

Green Light Towing Service is a fully insured and certified roadside service company covering Virginia Beach, VA and the surrounding communities. We operate on a 24/7 basis and take pride in our full suite of tow trucks and equipment to address your unique Road Service situation.

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